Montecore's RV Adventures: Exploring Beaver Bay

Montecore's RV Adventures: Exploring Beaver Bay

Discovering Beaver Bay

Hello, adventurous kitties and their humans! It’s Montecore, your Highland Lynx, back with another exciting travel tale. This time, I’m sharing my unforgettable trip to Beaver Bay, a serene spot nestled in Northern Idaho. Join me as I recount the highlights of our peaceful escape.



A Quiet Retreat at Beaver Bay

Beaver Bay is a small lake that doesn’t allow motorboats, making it a haven of tranquility. Without the noise of engines, the area is perfect for nature watching. During our stay, I spotted beavers busy at work on their dams, fish gliding silently through the water, and an impressive array of birds including hawks, ospreys, owls, falcons, and ravens. It was a bird-watching paradise!



Camping at Hip Camp

We camped in our trusty Minnie Winnie at a Hip Camp site, which offered some great amenities. My humans and I enjoyed meals at a nice picnic bench that overlooked three beaver dams. It was the perfect spot to relax and take in the view.
The camp also included four kayaks, which my humans used for their sunset paddles. They even had a sundeck where my human mom practiced yoga. I watched her stretch and bend from my cozy spot in the RV – it looked fun, but I preferred lounging in comfort.

Feline Essentials

Of course, my humans made sure I was well taken care of with all my favorite supplies:
  • Long Leash with Corkscrew Stake: This let me explore safely around our campsite.
  • Raised Cat Bed with Scratching Post: A must-have for lounging and keeping my claws sharp.
  • Fuzzy Warm Cat Blanket: Perfect for snuggling, especially during the cool mornings.

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Adventures and Relaxation

While my humans took their E-bikes on a 20-mile ride (they carry them on a bike rack on the back of the RV), I took the opportunity to catch up on some much-needed sleep. I’m not a fan of fast rides, even though my mom tries to get me to join them. I much prefer staying at the RV and watching the birds flutter about.
In the evening, my humans kayaked just before sunset while I observed from the safety of the RV. The peaceful scene of paddles dipping into the water and the fading light was simply mesmerizing. We even watched two sets of kayakers catch fish in the bay – quite the sight!

Weather and Atmosphere

Our time at Beaver Bay was marked by light rain in the morning, which disappeared as the day progressed. The sky remained cloudy, creating a cozy, muted light that made the surroundings feel even more serene. It was the perfect weather for a relaxing retreat.



Beaver Bay was an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The quiet lake, abundant wildlife, and comfortable camping setup made it an unforgettable experience for both me and my humans. Whether it was watching the beavers work on their dams, lounging in my raised bed, or simply enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, every moment was purrfect.

Until our next adventure, may your travels be filled with discovery and comfort.

Paws and Whiskers,
Montecore the Highland Lynx

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